Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chargback Alerts?

We are a team of experience payments industry professionals that have a unique blend of knowledge, experience and innovation that focuses on fraud prevention and chargeback reduction for merchants.

What is Chargback Alerts?

We offer an integrated platform that enables merchants to access card-issuer chargeback data in a real-time secure portal or API. Through a network of exclusive relationships with tier one issuing banks, domestic and international, to receive pending chargeback notifications for the purpose of getting them to merchants in real time. This allows the merchant a small window of opportunity to close the chargeback before it goes against their ratios.

What are Chargeback Alerts?

They are notifications for specific transactions that chargebacks will be processed unless a merchant takes action. The merchant needs to issue a refund as soon as possible (objective is within 24 hours) and provide a notification to the issuer through the Chargeback Alerts portal that the credit is on its way.

What are the benefits of Chargeback Alerts?

Provided that a refund is issued in a timely manner and the outcome is submitted, Chargeback Alerts enables a merchant to avoid the chargeback all together, and all the direct and indirect cost associated with the chargeback.

What data elements are included in a Chargeback Alert?

Each Chargeback Alert provides the following information; Credit Card Number, Authorization Date/Time, Amount of the transaction, and the Merchant Descriptor.

How are the Chargeback Alerts sent?

Merchants can be notified or receive a Chargeback Alert in two ways. Through the Chargeback Alert Merchant Portal, the merchant is notified by email when a new Chargeback Alert has been issued. The merchant clicks on a link in the email notification and enters their username and password to access the portal. Once in the portal, they can access their Chargeback Alerts and address each alert to resolve the chargeback.

Chargeback Alerts offers a web service API that the merchant can use to integrate receiving Chargeback Alerts and taking action against and alert with their applications and systems.

What Card Issuing Banks are participating in the service?

Currently Chargeback Alerts receives chargebacks from some of the largest banks in the United States, Canada and UK. New issuers are being added on a regular basis.

What type of alerts will I receive?

Alerts are sent for transactions where the primary cardholder has identified transactions that are fraudulent/unauthorized and the bank has cancelled the card. We are increasing the scope beyond fraud-coded chargebacks to include non-fraud pending chargebacks in the near future.

What action does the merchant take when they receive a Chargeback Alert?

Simply refund the transaction immediately and record the outcome within the Chargeback Alerts portal or use the API to integrate your applications with us to record the action taken on the alert.

How does it match Chargeback Alerts to affected merchants?

Chargeback Alerts uses the merchant descriptors to match Chargeback Alerts to a merchant company. If you open new merchant descriptors or change existing descriptors, advise us as soon as possible.

What if you get a Chargeback on a transaction that has been refunded?

We work closely with card issuers to prevent this from occurring. In the event however, you receive a chargeback simply contact us by emailing our customer service department at 678-752-4871. We will work with the card issuers to address the issue and where the credit was submitted in a timely manner, you will be billed for the alert.

What if you don’t refund a transaction that you get a Chargeback Alert for?

Taking action on alerts is at the sole discretion and the responsibility of the merchant. By not taking action on an alert, the merchant may still receive the chargeback from the bank.