Benefits of Chargeback Alerts

It’s simple! Chargeback Alert’s platform closes this information gap between card issuers and merchants significantly reducing the time it takes for merchants to be notified of confirmed fraud from three to six weeks to just a few minutes, hours or days. Upon receipt of the cardholder data from the card issuers, Chargeback Alerts creates an alert and transmit the alert to the affected merchant.

Merchants can then use this data to stop the fulfillment of goods/services and eliminate costs and fees associated with fraudulent transactions.

Eliminate the Chargeback Ratio

Provided that a refund is issued in a timely manner and the outcome is submitted, a Chargeback Alert enables a merchant to avoid the chargeback altogether – and all the direct and indirect cost associated with getting a chargeback.

Catch Fraud Before Losing Product

Often, issuers contact card holders immediately if they flag a charge as potentially fraudulent. Merchants aren’t notified if chargeback occurs until much later. With Chargeback Alerts the merchant is notified instantly and is often able to stop valuable product from being shipped out.

Get Started Today!

Merchants who receive customer not present (CNP) transactions have found a significant increase in reducing their chargeback ratios. Chargeback Alerts process of notifying merchants sooner gives merchant’s the chance to get ahead of chargebacks saving their merchant account. Click the button below to get started.

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