Changing How Chargebacks Affect Your Business

Recovering Card Not Present (CNP) losses from fraud used to be an arduous task. But now, Customer disputes, which normally would previously result in chargebacks, are becoming a seamless experience which in turn provides merchants with increased payment acceptance and sales. With false declines estimated at $180 billion globally, merchants are giving more attention to making sure each and every one of their transactions are good.

False decline transactions hurt everyone within the process of a transaction especially the cardholder. With false decline issues cardholders are more likely to move on to another eCommerce business’ website in order to complete their orders. Issuers also suffer from false declines because the cardholder may need to choose a different credit card for their transaction.

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What We Offer

Chargeback Alerts suite of solutions provides the cardholders with a better experience and gives merchants less issues.

Focusing on your business, as a merchant, should be the most important part of your day. Not chasing after fraud issues from chargebacks. Chargeback Alerts gives you that ability by taking out the worry of chargebacks. Our chargeback management system follows your transactions from end to end.

No matter how good your product, marketing ability or sales channels are if you don’t have healthy merchant accounts, you can’t do business. Chargeback Alerts keeps merchants MIDs alive.

Chargeback Alerts offers the ability for merchants to know whether they have:

  • a legitimate fraud transaction
  • false chargeback submissions
  • merchant employee errors
  • customer service disputes

Most Common Reason for Chargebacks

Most merchants often wonder what is the underlying cause of their customers transaction disputes that result in chargebacks. Follow the buttons under each category below to learn more about different fraud types and how you can prevent these types of chargebacks from occurring.

Merchant Error

Referred to as
“Preventable Chargebacks”.

Criminal fraud in a common cause of chargebacks for businesses.

Criminal Fraud

Derived from identity theft, stolen
payment cards or cyber criminals.

Customers can create a high number of chargebacks for merchants.

Chargeback Fraud

Referred to as
“Friendly Fraud”.

Creating Better Customer Experience in eCommerce

Chargeback Alerts has worked to replace the old processes of dealing with chargebacks and has brought a more streamlined easy to use process. All while Merchants, Issuers and Customers are no longer “dealing” with the high costs and pain staking ordeal of managing their chargeback issues. It’s all done for you.

Merchants can now offer their customers the ability to have a favorable shopping experience while eliminating false decline issues.

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Why not offer your customers a better experience? Start Today!

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