Chargebacks Created by Merchant Error

Merchant errors are some of the most common chargebacks that can be easily fixed. Most Merchants assume that they have no choice and no ways to avoid chargebacks so they just accept them as an everyday expense for running a business. False claims also known as friendly fraud is growing rapidly and impacting your businesses bottom line. Higher fraud losses do not have to be accepted as a part of doing business. When is it time to say enough is enough? Lost most of your good customers? Your doors are about to close? If you have a business and your accepting payments fraud loss is an everyday reality. It’s the price of doing business.

Eliminate chargebacks with chargeback alerts.

Gain Customers While Reducing Chargebacks

Don’t turn away good customers because of chargebacks. They can be prevented or at least make a great effort in reducing the number of chargebacks you are receiving and becoming an underlying issue in your business.

Merchants are receiving at least half their chargebacks because of basic oversights and errors on their own part or employee errors. Tightening up your fraud rules to reduce your increased chargebacks and fraud loss is just going to delay the inevitable. Not to mention the number of good customers you may lose in the process. Putting a plan of attack together TODAY that fits your business needs is exactly what you need. Contact us now!

Get Ahead of the Chargeback Game

Every merchant, card issuer, bank and others in eCommerce agree that they need to stop as many fraudulent transactions and chargebacks disputed by customers. But at the same time they are trying not to lose good customers and still accept good transactions. As an owner of a business most merchants know that some chargebacks and fraud losses are a part of doing business and accepting payment cards.

With the right tools in place and the right knowledge, merchants are saving more time and money. Monitoring and dealing with disputes are going away and direct customer intervention is possible giving Merchants the ability to retain their customers.

Below are a list of items that are common mistakes made by Merchants on a day to day business.

  • Multiple Transactions
  • Authorizations Declined
  • No Authorization
  • Presenting Late
  • Cards Expired
  • and more…

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Merchant errors can easily be corrected. Don’t let your business fail or your merchant identification number (MID) be compromised. Click the button below now!

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