Eliminate Chargebacks & Increase Acceptance

The biggest question is how do we start to eliminate chargebacks. No one likes to deal with the process of chargebacks. Not only are they costly and painful for all parties in the payments ecosystem, they make for a miserable experience for customers and cardholders who must endure a confusing and stressful claims process. And it’s not just about cost: chargebacks come at the direct expense of acceptance and revenue, too. For merchants, that means lower sales and increased customer friction. For card issuers, it can mean that more good customers get turned away due to the high cost of recovering fraud losses.

Avoiding Chargebacks Completely​

Avoiding chargebacks becomes easier because card issuers are now armed with extensive data so that chargebacks are avoided before they are even created. By correcting a few issues within these three types of fraud categories you can seriously reduce the amount of chargebacks created within your business.

Avoid Chargebacks and dealing with the process altogether. Working with a top solution like Chargeback Alerts offers a vast global network that offers collaboration between Merchants and Card Issuers in real-time. Avoid the most common fraud elements.

Contact Chargeback Alerts to start getting immediate notifications.
  • Criminal Fraud – Chargebacks created from stolen identity, stolen card information, etc.
  • Merchant Errors – Chargebacks created from simply mistyped information
  • Chargeback Fraud – Chargebacks are created when a customer can not settle their issue directly with the merchant.

Are You Receiving Chargeback Alerts?

We can also add an extra layer of protection for merchants to receive alerts when a chargeback has been created. Now you will receive notification of chargebacks, on top of our already extensive chargeback protection system, within minutes instead of days, hours or weeks as was previously. Extensive information like customer disputes and confirmed fraud data are provided to our network of card issuers.

By receiving alerts for chargebacks within minutes now, merchants are now able to give customers refunds immediately. The card issuers are never involved so chargebacks never become a factor. Millions of merchants are receiving these alerts and saving their business time and money. Isn’t it time you start receiving the same satisfaction! Contact us today by clicking the button below.

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