How Collaboration Can Help

Thousands of times a day, card issuers and merchants collaboration efforts identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone undetected by the other party, resulting in financial losses and administrative costs to both. Chargeback Alert’s platform closes the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, making this valuable information securely available in near real-time.
Diagram of Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback Alert’s platform delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies across its network of card issuers and merchants through collaboration.

It’s simple! Chargeback Alert’s platform closes this information gap between card issuers and merchants significantly reducing the time it takes for merchants to be notified of confirmed fraud from three to six weeks to just a few minutes, hours or days. Upon receipt of the cardholder data from the card issuers, Chargeback Alert’s creates an alert and transmit the alert to the affected merchant. Merchants can then use this data to stop the fulfillment of goods/services and eliminate costs and fees associated with fraudulent transactions.

As an issuer you can benefit from this service as it gives you the ability to recover funds from transactions that you may not have chargeback rights for. The service also saves costs and associated fees including operational costs associated with processing RFI’s and chargebacks.

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