Chargeback Alert’s platform closes the information gap between card issuers and merchants significantly reducing the time it takes for merchants to be notified of confirmed fraud from three to six weeks to just a few minutes, hours or days.


Merchants can then use this data to stop the fulfillment of goods/services and eliminate costs and fees associated with fraudulent transactions.


Stop Fraud


  • Avoid loss due to fraud, recover valuable goods and services
  • Protect your brand and customer experience
  • Improve fraud screening

Eliminate Chargebacks


  • Slash chargeback fees and processing costs
  • Accept more transactions by throttling less
  • Keep MIDs alive


   Merchant Alerts


  • Access easy-to use authenticated fraud reports
  • Respond quickly to save time, money, effort
  • Prevent fraud, chargebacks and penalties

Merchant Connections


  • 17 of 20 top online merchants use Chargeback Alerts
  • 400+ merchants of all sizes count on our services
  • Global network of major card issuing banks