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Reduce Chargeback Ratio by 33%

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Stop Fraud


Stop Chargebacks in US, CA and EU

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Stop Fraud

• Avoid loss due to fraud, recover valuable goods and services

• Protect your brand and customer experience

• Improve fraud screening

Eliminate Chargebacks

• Slash chargeback fees and processing costs

• Accept more transactions by throttling less

• Keep MIDs alive

Merchant Alerts

• Access easy-to use authenticated fraud reports

• Respond quickly to save time, money, effort

• Prevent fraud, chargebacks and penalties

Merchant Connections

• 17 of 20 top online merchants use Chargeback Alerts.

• 400+ merchants of all sizes count on our services

• Global network of major card issuing banks


It’s simple! Chargeback Alert’s platform closes this information gap between card issuers and merchants significantly reducing the time it takes for merchants to be notified of confirmed fraud from three to six weeks to just a few minutes, hours or days. Upon receipt of the cardholder data from the card issuers, Chargeback Alerts creates an alert and transmit the alert to the affected merchant.

Merchants can then use this data to stop the fulfillment of goods/services and eliminate costs and fees associated with fraudulent transactions.

Eliminate the Charge Back Ratio

Provided that a refund is issued in a timely manner and the outcome is submitted, a Chargeback Alert enables a merchant to avoid the chargeback altogether – and all the direct and indirect cost associated with getting a chargeback.

Catch Fraud Before Losing Product

Often, issuers contact card holders immediately if they flag a charge as potentially fraudulent. Merchants aren’t notified if chargeback occurs until much later. With Chargeback Alerts the merchant is notified instantly and is often able to stop valuable product from being shipped out.


Since 2005, Chargeback Alerts has been stopping chargebacks for merchants who process customer-not-present (CNP) transactions through it’s real-time secure portal or API.

  • Cosmetics
  • Multimedia Providers
  • Online Auction Sites
  • Daily Deal Companies
  • Health & Exercise
  • Nutraceuticals

  • Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
  • Insurance Providers
  • Membership Clubs
  • Internet Retailers
  • Online Dating
  • Online Publications/Periodicals

Chargeback Alerts has exclusive relationships with a network of banks that issue credit and debit cards to receive pending chargeback notifications and distribute them on transactions post authoritative.


aThe card holder initiates a dispute with the issuer. The issuer’s system recognizes the merchants enrolled in the Chargeback Alerts program. An alert is created and sent to Chargeback Alert’s system from the issuer.

bChargeback Alert notifies the merchant via email when a Chargeback Alert is available. The merchant can access the alerts from Chargeback Alert’s portal or customize automatically with our API.

cThe merchant then refunds the customer’s charge and records it in Chargeback Alerts system. The issuer will then delete the dispute prior to its conversion into an actual chargeback.

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Thousands of times a day, issuers and merchants identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone undetected by the other party, resulting in financial losses and administrative costs to both. Chargeback Alert’s platform closes the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, making this valuable information securely available in near real-time.


  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Big Box Internet Retailers
  • Internet Auctions
  • Telemarketing
  • Consumer-Brand Manufacturers

Timing Is Everything

Chargeback Alerts provides a single, automated, secure platform for card issuers and merchants to communicate outside of the payment authorization stream for the timely resolution of the customer, merchant and Issuer.

Chargeback Alert’s platform delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies across its network of card issuers and merchants. By stooping chargebacks and catching fraud when it happens eCommerce companies are catching expensive products in the short window of time before they get shipped out.

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Direct Response

Direct response advertisers face some of the biggest challenges when it comes to the nature of hyper responsive customer disputes. The ability to accept credit cards is the backbone and the lifeblood of any direct marketing campaign. Chargeback Alerts offers merchants a unique level of service to this industry.

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Eliminate Chargeback Ratio

Dramatically lowering chargeback ratios can have a profound effect on a direct response marketing campaign. Chargeback Alerts inverts the power scenario between merchants and their payment service providers.

Keep MIDs Alive

No matter how good your product, marketing ability or sales channels are if you don’t have healthy merchant accounts, you can’t do business as a direct response advertiser. Chargeback Alerts keeps merchants MIDS alive.

While other chargeback companies help merchants fight chargebacks
that have already happened, we have taken a completely new approach. At Chargeback Alerts we are working with the issuing banks to receive real-time information from them when a merchants customer calls into the bank to dispute a transaction as fraudulent.  Within minutes we notify the merchant that a customer is going to do a chargeback so that the merchant can contact the customer before a chargeback has even started.

Brent Gephart, President